Extra practise! The ‘At Home With…’ Range

Would you like to support your child’s learning at home in a fun ang engaging manner? Look no further than the At Home With…Workbooks range! There is a variety of titles available, suitable for children aged 3-9.

Engage your child with literacy form the very beginning with ‘At home with ABC’ suitable for ages 3-5! This brightly coloured, child-friendly workbook enables parents to support their child’s in class learning at home, in a simple, easy-to-follow way. This book also comes with a sheet of reward stickers for you to use to encourage your child along their learning journey.

Do you have a keen linguist at home? Why not supplement their learning with At Home With French! Available in two editions (ages 5-7 or 7-9) Support your child’s French learning with this simple to use learning tool, again complete with a reward stickers for your to praise your child’s progress an effort.

You can see all the titles available in the At Home With…range here.